6 Revolutionary Features of Reeman Deligo Food Serving Robots


Robots are becoming more and more commonplace in our lives, especially when it comes to the restaurant industry. With miraculous, programmable robotics and fast reaction speeds, food-serving robots are capable of taking orders, preparing meals, and serving customers with often paper-thin precision – all completely hands-off. The possibilities these exciting new robots promise to open up for businesses are immense, and their future looks bright indeed.

Reeman Deligo is one such food serving robot that is designed specifically to serve customers quickly and efficiently with many incredible qualities. What sets this robot apart from the rest? Let’s take a look at the below given six mind-blowing features that make Reeman Deligo stand out from all other food-serving robots. Let’s check out the details!

Amazing Features of Reeman Deligo

Following are some features of Reeman Deligo which will revolutionize the food robotic industry:

Intelligent Voice Announcement System

The Reeman Deligo robot has an intelligent voice announcement system that can be used for various purposes. For example, it can announce its presence as it enters an area, provide instructions for how to interact with it, or even alert customers when their order is ready. This feature helps improve customer experience and allows the robot to communicate with customers in an efficient manner.

Precise Delivery and No QR Code Required

Another great feature of the Reeman Deligo Robot is its precision delivery system. It uses advanced sensors to accurately deliver food orders without needing any sort of QR code or another tracking mechanism. This makes it faster and easier for customers to receive their orders in a timely manner. Furthermore, it can also show the meal pickup sign on the screen to further assist the customers.

Intelligent Scheduling System

The Reeman Deligo robot also has an intelligent scheduling system that can optimize delivery schedules according to customer preferences and needs. This allows restaurants to maximize their resources by ensuring every delivery is scheduled accordingly and efficiently without wasting time or resources on unnecessary trips.

Smart Obstacle Avoidance

The Reeman Deligo Robot also comes equipped with a smart obstacle avoidance system that helps it navigate around obstacles without stopping or slowing down its progress with the help of 3D cameras and lidar detection that has a 25-meter range. This and the multi-sensor algorithm ensure that no time is wasted due to unexpected obstructions in its path, allowing for smooth operation at all times.

High Distribution Efficiency

The high distribution efficiency of the Reeman Deligo Robot also helps restaurants save time and resources by delivering multiple orders simultaneously while still maintaining accuracy. The robot can also bear up to 10kg weight on a single tray and features 5 modes of food delivery to increase efficiency.

Automatic Return to Charge

Finally, the Reeman Deligo Robot also comes with an automatic return-to-charge feature which ensures that it always returns to its charging station. After its battery, which is capable of working for 10 hours straight after a full charge, is drained it will come back to the charging station through the directions that its owners have fed into it.


In conclusion, the six mind-blowing features of the Reeman Deligo Robot make it a revolutionary addition to the restaurant industry’s automation systems. The mind-blowing and useful efficiency levels of this robot will help reduce wait times for customers while increasing restaurant efficiency significantly. It is safe to say that this robot has everything needed in order to revolutionize how food is served. So, if you’re looking for a reliable robotic solution that can help your business run smoother than ever before – look no further than the incredible Reeman Deligo!


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