All You Need to Know About Quest 2 Prescription Lenses


VR games are all about high-quality graphics; without them, you only have headphones. Although these games are celestial to normal users, users with glasses cannot enjoy them fully. The constant budging of the glasses’ frame with the headset scratches it and makes the user uncomfortable.

Here prescription lenses prove most valuable. Prescription lenses are special lenses designed according to the corrective prescription of the users to use in VR headsets. It is important to note that these lenses are different for every user, and no universal corrective figure can work for all users.

Although it seems straightforward, there are many concerns users think about when dealing with quest 2 prescription lenses. Here is a quick illustration of all the essential aspects.

How Do You Install Prospection Lenses in Your Quest 2 Headset?

Installing Quest 2 prescription lenses is breezy. However, it is always nice if someone outlays the process.

  1. The first step is to fit in a glass spacer. VR headsets have glass spacers. A glass spacer is a high-quality plastic frame that prevents the prescription lenses from directly touching the headset’s lenses. Thus, keeping the headset from scratching.
  2. Once you have the spacer in place, take the silicon fixtures you got with the prescription lenses and snap them in the spacer. Align the base of the frame with the spacer and press in the top. Repeat the process for the other frame as well.
  3. Now, take the lenses, and mount them into the frame’s notch. Lastly, install the face cover. Voila, you are good to go with your next gameplay!

What Are the Benefits of Using Prescription Lenses for Quest 2?

Prescription lenses are a viable option for users with glasses. But are they just a means of seeing clearly? Let’s check some other benefits they provide.

  • Atop everything, prescription lenses prevent you from straining your eyes while playing. Moreover, since they firmly fit inside the headset, you don’t need to readjust them during playing.
  • Also, the spectacles scratch the VR headset’s lenses, and if it continues, you’ll get unreasonably scratchy lenses, so you’ll either need a new VR headset or a repair.
  • Additionally, these prescription lenses have blue light protection, so the rays from the screens won’t damage your eyesight.

Are Prescription Lenses Suitable for All VR Headsets?

Prescription lens sellers usually ask for your VR headset’s model to ensure the perfect fit. Some styles of prescription lenses can work with different VR headsets. However, for some headsets, you’ll need dedicated prescription lenses.

The Takeaway

Prescription lenses are a must-have for users who use glasses for clearer vision. However, wearing spectacles with VR headsets is not very comfortable. Therefore, experts came up with the idea of prescription lenses.

Prescription lenses are super easy to install. And if you require clarification, you can consult the provided instruction manual or read the guide above for Quest 2 prescription lenses. Also, they keep the headset safe, and the light filters prevent further eyesight damage.

It is important to note that these are not available at local eye stores. Hence, ensure to check the authenticity of the buyer before buying. If you want a go-to suggestion, consider ZyberVR!


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