The Wearable that Beats all Honor Band 6 Watch


Enjoy the real health experience, professional heart rate, and sleeping monitoring blood and oxygen saturation spO2 monitor. Minimize the visits to a doctor by taking care of yourself by getting a wristwatch that is more than your exercise companion at the price you can say no to.

Honor Band 6 Best in the Market

Get more done with this honor band 6. It tracks your heart rate and blood oxygen levels during the night and day with SpO2 monitoring and provides a 30-day health assessment report, giving you peace of mind. Unleash your inner adventurer with the latest innovation in wearables, and The 1.47-inch screen is accommodated in a sleek and lightweight body that’s just 40g. The porous strap design allows for improved breathability and feels, letting you go longer than ever before.

You might wonder how much is Band 6? With all its unmatched features, the wristwatch is available at discounted prices. It would be best if they did not lock you out; get it, it’s a gem that beats all sports watches on the market.

The screen

The band has a 1.47″ color AMOLED display with a 194 x 368 pixels and 282ppi density; it is also touch-enabled. It comes with ten sports modes and SpO2 monitoring and supports stress monitoring, breathing training, sleep tracking, women’s health tracking, walking, running, cycling, etc. The color screen with a large high-resolution screen, meaning you can see more content displayed at a glance.

Honor Band 6’s 1.47-inch full-screen display brings broader visual effects to you, and the colorful display can also make your mood more active. Honor Band 6’s heart rate monitor is always on, ensuring that you are notified immediately if your heart rate is atypical. Also, it can accurately record your sleep status and make you understand your health from all angles.

Good for exercising

This device is an essential health tracker that will accompany you in real-time, all the time. With a SpO2 sensor, including oxygen saturation monitoring, and tracking of 9 different sports modes, including swimming, it offers unlimited possibilities and helps to improve your performance continuously. A new UI layout makes it easier than ever to control exercise, music playback, and more enjoy your activities while singing along to your favorite tunes.

Battery life

With a slick, elegant design, it comes with two weeks of battery life; Band 6 is the perfect partner for your fitness journey. With 95 workout modes, it has Cordless and self-caring, honor band 6 has a charging buckle. You can charge about 2 – 3 hours for two weeks’ standby. With all features turned on, the wearable can last up to 14 days on a single charge, a marked improvement from its predecessor.

The waterproof abilities

Honor band 6 is not just a smartwatch; it’s also a waterproof swimming tracker that can keep track of your swimming stroke to help you swim smarter. It also improves the water resistance level from IP68 to 50 meters below sea level, effectively resisting rainwater erosion and meeting the daily environment requirements such as washing hands and bathing.

Band 6 is the new must-have device for everyone interested in health and fitness. It is also ideal for active users looking for a more advanced training experience with SpO2 monitoring and PPG heart rate tracking features. Whether you’re taking your first steps toward better health or you’re a well-trained athlete, you can rely on the Band 6 to help track and monitor your activities 24/7.

Your health is never out of sight with an all-day heart rate monitor. It is the ultimate fitness partner that goes beyond the wrist. Like a personal trainer, it will track your activities and motivate you towards your goals. Get one today at an affordable price and change your daily exercise routine.


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