Why semi-frameless shower door are getting more popular


The semi-frameless shower, elegant and trendy, yet cost-effective and durable. The semi-frameless shower is one of the most popular showers and bathroom set-up trends at the moment. “Why is it so popular?” you might ask. What makes the semi-frameless shower door so unique? How is the semi-frameless shower any different from other shower designs?

Why is it so Popular?

Well, there are a lot of reasons. But we will be discussing the top three reasons

1. The semi-frameless shower door is much more stylish than the framed shower door. When compared to its predecessor (the framed shower door), the semi-frameless shower door is more appreciated. This is because it has lost the “rugged” look the earlier framed shower set-ups possess. The framed shower door has a lot of metal components. Even the door of the framed shower set-up is surrounded by metal (mainly aluminium). This gives it a certain shine, but it also makes the whole bathroom feel a bit “metallic”.

On the other hand, the semi-frameless shower door has let go of the metal edges. Instead, the semi-frameless shower set up only has metal around the edges of the entire structure. So you get all the shine of the glass with limited metal parts.

2. The semi-frameless shower door is financially friendly. Since it is much more stylish than the framed shower structure, the semi-frameless structure is a bit more expensive. But when compared to the frameless shower structure, the semi-frameless structure has an obvious price advantage.

So the semi-frameless shower door is a more popular option because it lies right in the middle of what a lot of people want. It is more stylish compared to the previous framed shower version. Yet it is not as expensive as the frameless structures.

3. The last but not least reason, it provides a wide degree of variety for clients to select from. Right from the thickness of the glass, to the colour of the edges, there are various options. You could even decide to go for an option with a coloured or patterned glass fitting. The designs are numerous and you would find one which would bring your entire bathroom design together.

How is the Semi-Frameless Door Different from other Set-ups

You should know that there are three main shower set-up designs.

1. Framed Shower Design: This is the earlier design. It is made up majorly of reinforced glass. But it also has metal structures running all around the edges. The metal here also runs around the edges of the framed shower door.

2. Semi-frameless Design: Here the metal runs around the edges of the structure as a whole. But there is no metal at all attached to the semi-frameless shower door.  

3. Frameless Shower Design: This has totally done away with the more noticeable metal parts. But it has a massive increase in price.

In conclusion, the semi-frameless shower door is just right. Both in monetary value and aesthetics, it has an advantage over the other designs.

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