UGREEN’s USB-C Devices: The USB You Need


UGREEN has a global market network of more than 100 countries and 40 million people to provide high-quality products. You can shop now from their official online store and other online retail outlets. Every year, UGREEN improves its technology following the progression over time ensuring high quality of goods. From charging devices to mobile phone and computer accessories to home and automobile accessories, their award-winning family of products has something for everyone.

This article seeks to inform readers about the variety of USB Cables, each with its distinct yet appealing architecture.


USB Type-C connectors can support a wide range of interfaces, allowing you to have adapters that can output HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, or other types of connections from a single USB port. It’s bi-directional, which means that a component can both supply and receive electricity. And this power can be delivered while the device is also sending data through the network.

Creativity of UGREEN’s USB-C

USB Type-C presents a new miniature connector technology. It’s almost the same size as a USB Type-A from the past. Whether you’re linking external storage to your laptop or powering your smartphone with a power adapter, you’ll only need a single wire. That one little interface is small enough to fit inside a super-thin mobile device but powerful enough to connect all of your peripherals.

What You Can Buy

18W right angle USB-C cable

The UGREEN USB-C cable features a revolutionary 90-degree L design that reduces fatigue on the cable as well as on your Type-C devices, making it ideal for those with space constraints. This USB C charging cable features a built-in 56K pull-up resistor, and an improved intelligent chip with multiple safeguards. It ensures consistent conductivity and power flows, safeguarding your smartphone against harm caused by over-current or over-voltage.

2-Pack 18W right angle USB-C cable

This pack contains two 18W right-angle USB-C cables which feature electrical safety certifications that meet required standards, as well as built-in laser-welded technology which guarantees the metal part will not break. The highly durable double-braided nylon type C cable has a 40,000+ wiggle test score and it will never split.

2-Pack USB-C to a quick charging cable

This pack contains two USB-C to A Quick charging cable created using elastomeric technology for embedding them with flexibility. These cables are built to withstand knots and curls allowing you to deploy them without limitation. You can exchange data at extraordinary speeds, connect to other devices, and charge mobile devices with just one USB-C cable.

Best in the market for all time, always

The Type-C socket connects web servers and clients and is designed to replace multiple Type-B and Type-A connectors and cables with a future-proof interface. The most useful feature is its ability to transmit enough power to charge the host device, such as a laptop or smartphone when equipped effectively.


UGREEN has drastically revamped traditional USB by bringing variations in the latest USB-C devices. Also, the company has launched joint packing of two USBs at an affordable cost to benefit the user as well. Their products are available in all Asian countries and across Europe to make the product available around nations.


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