How To Prepare For LED Sports Lighting Installation


Sports stadiums require lights to help the players with their gaming. The lights also deter theft and criminal activities during sporting events where thousands of people are in one place. In some cases, the lights help improve the quality of pictures when streaming sports events. LED sports lighting is the best type of lighting for sports stadiums. In this post, we discuss LED sports lighting installation essentials.

Things to do before installing new LED sports lighting

Before you can think of installing new LED sports lights, you have to get the following things done;

1. Get an initial assessment done

Before installing LED sports lighting, the first thing you need to do is organize to assess the existing infrastructure. Below are some things that need to be evaluated during this step;

a. The quality of the existing infrastructure

The first thing that happens during the initial assessment is evaluating the quality of the existing infrastructure. Doing this will help you determine if you can install the new LED sports light on the existing infrastructure. If not, you can also figure out the improvements required to improve the systems to install the new ones. This work has to be done by professionals because of all the technicalities of the process.

b. The types of improvements to be made

Most of the time, you may either have to replace some lighting fixtures for the new LED sports lighting, replace the poles or have some items repaired. In other cases, you may need new infrastructure altogether. The point of these improvements is to:

  • Ensure that the existing fixtures can sustain the weight of the new LED sports light. This is important because the latest LED lights are typically heavier than metal halides. Therefore, installing them on the existing fixtures may be a very unwise decision.
  • Ensure that the existing infrastructure can sustain the sail area of the new LED sports lights.
  • Ensures that the quality of the new installation and general LED sports lighting system is top-notch.
  • It helps you develop an informed and accurate quoting for the new installation. Doing this will allow you to budget for the installation better as you will know all the amount of money required.
  • It helps you determine the types of led sports lighting to install.

2. Choose the best types of lights

Additionally, you have to determine the type of LED lights you want to have installed in the sports stadium. Here, it would help if you considered the various types of LED sports lighting models in the market, their downsides, and their benefits. Doing this will help you make an informed decision on which type of lights to install.

3. Employ an installation company

You also have to choose a company to perform the tasks. Note that the market features a wide range of installation companies. Therefore, you must be very keen during the selection process.


Another thing you should do before installation of LED sports lighting is purchasing the lights. All LED lights offer the same advantages. However, the various manufactures make different products. They may vary in quality, applicability, and cost. Therefore, it would also help if you took your time to choose the best seller for your LED sports lights.


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