Pr. Zhiyuan Zhu

Zhejiang University


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Cost-efficient Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Powering and Sensing Purpose
Talk Abstract

Triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) are smart devices that are capable of harvesting the low-frequency energy and as sensors. Paper has attracted our attention as a low-cost, portable, and convenient flexible substrate. After a series of experiments we found paper serves excellently as both triboelectric pair and supporting part. We used paper and some cost- effective material to form a TENG, and we also design different structures to improve the performance of TENGs. These TENGs could harvest the mechanical energy generated by motion of the human body and can be used as sensors. On the other hand, waste material based TENG is another research direction, which not only reduce the waste of resources but can also mitigate environmental pollution and reduce energy consumption. We have chosen milk and waste tea leaves for in-depth research, and found the excellent performance of these two materials as a friction part. The study make a significant contribution toward the practical implementation of TENGs to green energy harvesting, office environmental monitoring, intelligent recognition, and robot skin applications. 

Triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs); paper; waste material
Short Biography

Dr. Zhiyuan Zhu (Ph.D.-Microelectronics and solid state electronics), now is a full professor in Southwest University. He is editorial board members in PLOS ONE (SCI index) and SCIREA journal of Energy, Committee member and give invited talk at European Advanced Materials Congress-2018, TPC member of 3rd International Workshop on Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering, invited speaker of 9th Annual World Congress of Nano Science & Technology, keynote speaker of International Conference on Thermal Energy, Systems and Application. He got his B.S in electronic science and technology (microelectronics technology) at university of electronic science and technology of china, Ph.D. in microelectronics and solid state electronics at Peking University, and he was a visiting scholar of Georgia institute of technology (2013-2014). He joined Zhejiang University as an assistant professor in 2016. And Dr. Zhiyuan Zhu got Zhongtian Faculty Fellowship in 2018, Ocean College, Zhejiang University. He is promoted as a full professor in Southwest University in September 2019. Currently Dr. Zhiyuan Zhu’s researches focus on the Micro/nano fabrication, device and nano energy. He has published 28 journal papers (as first author or corresponding author)

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Students, Post doctoral, Industry, Doctors and professors
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