Dr. Eifion Jewell

Swansea University, United kingdom


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Thermal capture and storage for building scale energy systems
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Associate Professor, Director at SPECIFIC IKC

Dr Eifion Jewell has a degree and PhD in mechanical engineering from Swansea University (UK) and is currently associate professor in the College of Engineering. He is director at SPECIFIC IKC with responsibilities for transforming laboratory science into energy technologies for the build environment. SPECIFIC is a £30M research project whose mission is to transform buildings into power stations through energy capture, storage and release. SPECIFIC works with its public and private sector partners to develop technology to enable buildings to become net contributors of energy. The technology remit of SPECIFIC includes third generation PV, thermal capture, thermal storage, building scale battery deployment and electrically based heating systems. Through its innovation programme it is creating energy positive living and working buildings.  His areas of expertise are scaling technology for manufacturing building PV, thermochemical storage and integration of systems. Eifion is the author of 35 international journal publications and over 50 conference publications as well as speaking at numerous international conferences and meetings.

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Students, Post doctoral, Industry, Doctors and professors
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