Pr. Eduard Babulak

Liberty university, lynchburg - Virginia, USA


Talk Title
Third Millennium Smart Energy Control via Cyberspace
Talk Abstract
Given current dynamic research, innovation and technology development in the field of thermal energy systems and applications, in conjunction with the ultrafast 5G communication technologies and ultrasmart computational devices, the energy control and management is enabled via Internet and Smart Cyberspace 24/7. Apart from alternative sources of energy, the effective thermal energy production, distribution and management is essential in support of pollution free enviroment, sustainable transportation, industry, agriculture, healthy food production, and other critically important business worldwide. The proper provision of Cyber Security and Communication Information Infrastructure is essential for safe and relaible remote energy control via cyberspace. Author discuss current and future trends in research, innovation and technology development in support of the Third Millennium Smart Energy Control via Cyberspace. Author promotes creation center of excellence in research, innovation and technology development of thermal energy systems and applications, as well as, creation of global multi-disciplinary research teams.
Short Biography
Professor Eduard Babulak is accomplished international scholar, researcher, consultant, educator, professional engineer and polyglot, with more than thirty years of experience. He served as Editor, reviewer, Conference Chair, has successfully published, his research was cited by scholars all over the world. He served as Chair of the IEEE Vancouver Ethics, Professional and Conference Committee. He was Invited Speaker at the University of Cambridge, MIT, University of Surrey, Purdue University, Penn State, Yokohama National University & University of Electro Communications in Tokyo, Japan, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sungkyunkwan University in Korea, Czech Technical University, Graz University of Technology, Austria, and other prestigious academic institutions worldwide. His academic and engineering work was recognized internationally by the Engineering Council in UK, the European Federation of Engineers and credited by the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers and APEG in British Columbia in Canada. He was awarded higher postdoctoral degree DOCENT - Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) in the Czech Republic, Ph.D., M.Sc., and High National Certificate (HNC) diplomas in the United Kingdom, as well as, the Diploma Engineer (MSc and B.Sc. ) in Electrical Engineering in Slovakia. He is Fellow of the Royal Society RSA, London, UK; Chartered Fellow, Mentor and Member of the ELITE Group of the British Computer Society, London, UK; 2013-2014 Invited Panel Member for the DoD & National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program, USA; Expert Consultant for HORIZON 2020 & CORDIS FP6 - FP7 European Commission, Brussellex, Belgium; Mentor and Senior Member of the IEEE and ACM, USA; Nominated Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, London, UK and Distinguished Member of the ACM, USA; Chartered Member of the IET, London, UK; His biography was cited in the Cambridge Blue Book, Cambridge Index of Biographies and number of issues of Who’s Who.
Talk Keywords
Thermal Energy Systems, Energy Control and Management, Ultrafast 5G Communication Technologies, Ultrasmart Computational Devices, Internet, Smart Cyberspace 24/7, Cyber Security.
Target Audience
Students, Post doctoral, Industry, Doctors and professors
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