Dr. Chitra Rajagopal

Director General (System Analysis and Modeling), DRDO Headquarters, India


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 A Systems Approach to Evaluation of Sustainable Energy Alternatives
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Addressing environmental sustainability while providing for the energy needs of today and plans for tomorrow is one of the major challenges facing us.Energy plays a pivotal role in any country’s goal of attaining socio-economic, political and strategic superiority. The growing energy needs are being met with utilisation of non-renewable energy resources which has led to climate and environmental hazards. A solution to the increased climate threats and environmental disasters is the adoption ofmore sustainable development decisions and management through promotion of renewable and low carbon energy sources.  Research on renewable energy sources and associated technologies enhancing energy efficiency are one of the top priorities of the major economies of the world for sustainable development.  However, decisions on complex problems of sustainable energy alternatives, require a deep understanding of the underlying structure and the inter-connectedness of multiple development goals.

It is apt to recollect the Progressive paradox postulated by Albert Einstein- “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them" 

The authors are part of the Systems Analysis and Modelling cluster, where we look at both issues of environmental safety, renewable and clean energy technologies, as well as systems analysis, simulaton and modelling of complex systems.

With this background, we propagate a radical new ‘Systems Thinking’ -  a System of Systems approach to address complex problems, where large uncertainties exist and an analysis of alternatives is required. Mathematical science can aid in sustainability related decision making of energy resources and technologies. This paper discusses a systemsapproach towards sustainable energy alternatives, technologies and a methodology to generate sustainability index taking into consideration the sustainability attributes of these technologies

Environment sustainability, System Analysis, Technologies
Short Biography

Dr. Chitra Rajagopal, Distinguished Scientist and Director General (SAM), currently holds additional charge of Director General (RM & Impl.), DRDO, MoD, India.

Her current research interests are Environment, Explosives, Process and Chemical Safety Process and Chemical Safety, Design and Development of  Eco-friendly and clean energy technologies, Disaster management  and quality reliability management of Defence Systems, System Safety analysis and System Analysis for Defence Systems..

She has also been responsible for implementation of explosive, Fire and environmental safety rules and regulations in MoD establishments and formulation of Safety, Health & Environment Policy and Disaster Management Plans for DRDO,   Implementation of DRDO Standard for Software Assets Management, Ammunition Storage Policy, Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) methodology evolved to complement STEC regulations, Evolution of Risk Acceptance Criteria (RAC) for MOD. She has taken major initiative for Development of Human Factors and Human Reliability discipline in Defence Systems. 

She is Chairperson/member of various National and International Committees and Boards. She is currently INAE-AICTE Distinguished Visiting Professor. She is also a recipient of various awards including DRDO Scientist of the Year Award in the year 2010, Lifetime Achievement Award by Society for Reliability and Safety (SRESA) in 2019 and Eminent engineer Award by The Institution of Engineers, 2019.

She has 109 International and National publications to her credit and also presented/published 103 papers in various International and National conferences. She has 12 patents (04 granted, 08 filed) to her credit and has transferred 14 nos Technologies/Systems to Industry and Stakeholders

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Students, Post doctoral, Industry, Doctors and professors
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