Dr. Abdel Rahman Elbakheit

King Saud University, KSA


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A Ducted Photovoltaic Façade Unit with Forced Convection Cooling: Part III
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This talk explores the potential of forced convection cooling in a ducted photovoltaic façade unit. It is a continuation to a previous study in two parts ‘A ducted photovoltaic façade units with buoyancy cooling: Part I and Part II. This is Part III, where Forced convection is employed in duct width of 50cm. potential of heat removal from Photovoltaic unit due to forced convection is investigated with a range of fan speeds from 1m/s to 6m/s. It was found that T between the inlet and outlet of the duct ranged from 2.6-24.6 °C. A fan speed of 5m/s yielded the highest temperature difference between inlet and outlet, as well as the highest cooling potential by removing 35 W with cooling efficiency 3%. Whereas a fan speed of 6m/s yielded the lowest mean PV cell temperature of 62.7 °C. This is would improve cell’s efficiency by 17.52%. a comparison of heat removal by forced convection is made with that accomplished by Buoyancy and duct width optimization.

Short Biography

Dr. Elbakheit is an associate professor and consultant for sustainable Architectural design majoring Photovoltaic and wind turbine building integration into buildings. Obtained his doctorate degree at the University Of Nottingham, UK 2007. The research topic was ' Enhanced Architectural integration of Photovoltaic and wind turbines into building Design'. It aimed at utilizing the architectural design forms to create favourable conditions for the integration of photovoltaic and wind turbines to maximize their performance as well as the architectural environment. In 2002 he graduated with a first class MSc. In Renewable energy and Architecture from Nottingham University.
In addition, he has produced numerous publications in international refereed journals, (ISI) listed journals and scientific conferences revolving about solar and wind technologies and integration into buildings Tall buildings sustainable design, Including natural lighting, energy efficiency, passive systems, and other sustainability issues.
Participating on code of sustainable building Saudi Arabia chapter and Gulf council Countries.

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Students, Post doctoral, Industry, Doctors and professors
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