Pr. R.C.Yadav

Former Head of ICAR-CSWCRT and Environmental Engineering in Universities in Eritrea and Ethiopia


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Innovative transformations of bio-energy for applications in environment, agriculture, bio-technology and producing electrical energy
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Background: Recent innovations have been created to eliminate open biomass burning that cause several emissions leading to environmental problem biomass to produce bio-char, which will be very fast solution to carbon sequestration and carbon capture to control global warming. Sofar biomass enrgy use is cow dung gas plants, which needs exrea effort on its production, biomass extra from use is just burnt which causes hell of environmental problems.

 Objective: . To develop setup for converting biomass in to biochar having multiple use and  for running of steam generated electricity.

Methods In the innovation generation of steam in enclosed chamber of efficient and strong vessel of spherical shape offers new strength. In this endeavour  a spherical steel made large volume pressure cooker type vessel is designed to produce steam for running turbine to become prime mover source  for production of electrical energy, which might have although of low efficiency, but it will revolutionize electricity generation for various applications. Preliminary setup developed and used for preparing bio-chars from different biomass built confidence in refinement and bringing perfecion of technology with known knowledge of power generation viz zen-sets of petroleum.

Results:  Enclosed biomass burning is a new innovation. Preliminary results have established it feasibility. The biomass converted in to bio-char will be highly useful for restoring land degradation. The mini genset will be functioning on the steam produced by enclosed burning heat and produce bio-char. The setup will be accepted by the peoples' ' individual participatory action. It will be on line parallel to petroleum power generation, but with certain operational and allied advantages. The entire action will be highly useful in overcoming problems related to environment, agriculture and sanitation and independent source of power as it happens with petroleum based generating set.

Conclusion: An innovative technology of enclosed biomass burning and as recovery of heat for converting steam energy to produce electricity has been devised. The setup will be operating on bio mass fuel at par with existing petroleum run gen set and surpass solar power use. 

Short Biography

Professor R.C.Yadav has expertise in environment pollution contol measures and devised several patentable technologies of high esteem values. His research innovations overcome problems and produce exra resources for entrepreneurship. His innovation has reached to staus of science and lend harnessing for multiple benefits. He has developed technology of converting wastes in to renewable power source and gone beyond it. He is confident of overcoming problems of environment and agriculture saviour intellectual properities and bringing global prosperity.

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