Dr. Ting An

Chief Expert at Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute (GEIRI), China


Talk Title
Development of AC/DC systems and Equipment in China
Talk Abstract

The power systems in China have been rapidly developed recent years, especially UHVAC/UHVDC and VSC-HVDC transmission systems to meet the requirements of Chinese economic rapid development. Firstly, this presentation introduces the drives, needs and benefits of UHVAC/UHVDC, VSC-HVDC to be developed in China. Then UHVAC projects with the rated voltage up to 1000 kV & FACTS devices including 500 kV UPFC which have been built in China are overviewed, followed by the introduction of the HVDC (including the UHVDC systems with the voltage up to ±1100 kV) and VSC-HVDC projects (including Zhangbei ±500 kV HVDC grid project) which have been built, under construction and planned in China. In addition, The topologies and key parameters of the DC circuit breakers developed by varies manufacturers are introduced, especially the DC CBs to be installed for Zhangbei HVDC grid are presented. Finally, the conclusions for the presentation are drawn. 

UHVAC, FACTS, UHVDC, VSC-HVDC, DC grid, DC circuit breakers
Short Biography

Dr Ting An is a State Specially Recruited Expert and a Chief Expert at Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute (GEIRI). She is a Charted Engineer in the UK, a fellow of the IET, Convener of CIGRE SC B4.72 Working Group. She is also a distinguished expert of China Energy Research Association, a guest professor of Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shaanxi University of Technology respectively. Her research area is HVDC, HVDC grids, and off-shore HVDC.
Dr An had worked for China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) China for 5 years, Power Electronic Systems Limited of GE Grid Solutions (former ALSTHOM) T&D UK for 8 years, E.ON New Build & Technology in the UK for 14 years. She has worked for GEIRI as Chief Expert since October 2013. She has gained experiences in the planning, modelling, simulation and analysis of transmission and distribution systems including HVAC, HVDC, FACTS, SVC, renewable energy resources and smart grids

Target Audience
Students, Post doctoral, Industry, Doctors and professors
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