Dr. Marco Piumetti

Politecnico di Torino, Italy


Talk Title
On board CO2 capture with porous materials
Talk Abstract
Fossil fuel emissions are a significant source of carbon dioxide accumulation in the atmosphere and constitute a major threat to the sustainability of our planet. In particular, the transportation sector accounts for about 14% of the CO2 releases. Therefore, any effort in reducing global CO2 needs to develop cleaner and more efficient vehicles. During the last years, several technologies have been proposed, including the design of more efficient engines, the reduction of both aerodynamic drag and roll friction and the capture of CO2 on board motor vehicles. In fact, the capture of just 20% of the CO2 emitted by a motor vehicle can have a relevant impact on reducting the CO2 emissions derived form the transport sector. In this talk, we will discuss the concepts underlying different technologies related to on-board CO2 capture, with a focus on the capture and valorisation of CO2 with micro- and mesoporous materials. Among these, zeolites and related materials, including hierarchical zeolites appear promising systems. In fact, the key factors that influence CO2 capture involved basicity, cavity size, electric field strength stemming from exchangeable cations of zeolites, and water vapor in gas stream. On the other hand, natural zeolites (e.g. pure clinoptilolite or metal-exhanged clinoptilolite) could be interesting materials for CO2 storage between 333 and 353 K. Moreover, these natural materials are interesting from the economic point of view, due to their abundancy and low costs.
Short Biography
Marco Piumetti has received the European PhD in Materials Science and Technology from the Politecnico di Torino.  His research interests cover various aspects of heterogeneous catalysis and sustainable technologies for environmental applications. He is author and co-author of over 70 papers on international peer reviewed journals and of two textbooks for students of undergraduate and graduate level courses, namely Notes on Catalysis for Environment and Energy and Enzymes and Industry (Italian version). He is currently professor of the courses Industrial Biochemistry and Introduction to Sustainable Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino.
Talk Keywords
CO2 capture; zeolites; natural zeolites; porous materials.
Target Audience
Students, Post doctoral, Industry, Doctors and professors
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